“Izabella has been an incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and patient teacher. She saw great potential in my daughter, nurtured it, and helped my daughter to recognize it in herself. Learning to play the flute, developing her technique, mastering repertoire, competing successfully in competitions, performing in RCM practical exams, and writing theory exams have been positive experiences for my daughter. She intends to do a minor in music in university next year and wants to play in university bands and flute ensembles. My daughter’s foundation with flute has led her to study other instruments and write her own compositions. She believes that her first lesson with Izabella nine years ago opened a whole world full of possibilities. I agree with this assertion wholeheartedly.”
Lisa, parent

“I studied with Izabella for 8+ years and enjoyed it very much. The only reason I had to stop taking lessons is because I had to move away for university! She’s a talented, compassionate person and a very flexible, patient teacher. I’d highly recommend studying with her!”
Sarah Sam,19

“I started my daughter with Izabella to ease the transition into the band programme at her school. She quickly began to progress enough to put her into the Royal Conservatory grade system with Izabella as her teacher. Although my daughter has many other obligations and commitments resulting in, at times, infrequent practice sessions, Izabella has been only encouraging and inspiring allowing her to have great success with the flute. I would whole-heartedly recommend Izabella for any child wishing to study the flute.”
Julia, parent

“Izabella is thoughtful and creative. I have taken small ensemble and solo lessons from her. She is a talented performer and teacher. I would suggest her to all skill levels and age groups.”
Tracey, 40

“You are so blessed with wonderful gifts for teaching: patience, empathy, the ability to focus on each of our strengths and in an always positive way – our areas of weakness. We are so lucky to have had you as a teacher.”
Libby, 56

“You are such a wonderful, kind, funny and compassionate teacher and you have been an outstanding role model.”
Michelle, 18